Multiple Servers in different computers. One or Multiple Administrators

Sep 7, 2015 at 5:37 AM
As I said before what a piece of code.
Finally, I have my server working, users connecting to it, of course there is a lot of business to do according to my final Project ... But We are in the way ...
Now, I have a question, or I don't how to achieve the following ...:
We will have three servers running a Gameserver, no problem with it. Every sesión is saved to a database, and the info that has been interchanged.
¿How can I have a Lobby and an Administrative application Server with the list of all the connected users in all gameservers, and send commands from it to whatever of gameservers? We were thinking to check the database for open sessions but it will requiere some continious check to the database and not looks like real time. Any advice?
¿How can We get the sessions that are in idle state? I think checking the last data interchange but needs to créate a timer to chechk for this, or is already implemented in supersocket?
¿How can We get the dropped connections or the appsessions that are going to be cleared when the elapsed interval is finished? In this way We can have a list of sessions that need to be reconnected if possible ...

Thanks ...
Sep 8, 2015 at 2:04 AM
Edited Sep 8, 2015 at 2:07 AM
About the point number 2:
We are thinking to set each gameserver to listen in two ports, one for players, and another for administrative or lobby. Each time a connected or disconnected player is detected send all the list of current users or maybe just the actual player sesison indicating arriving or leaving ... In this case an administrative lobby (WebSocket4Net) can connect to each gameserver an interchange info about current players (gameservers are far of each others, in differents states).
Is this a good practice?