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SocketError in Azure worker role env.



I am using SuperSocket 1.4.7 in Azure Web Role environnement since 2012. This was working great. Yesterday, I've deployed new version using latest NuGet package on Azure. This is very unstable. I get many many SocketError session closing but no other error is logged. I cannot see what is the problem. This is just happening in Azure environment. It was running fine on my dev machine. Something related to the load balancer maybe ??

What can cause a SocketError without logging any other error ?


JBed007 wrote Jun 16, 2016 at 1:49 PM

Hi there,

I found the SocketError problem. It is indeed the Azure Load Balancer that probes the TCP endpoints and waits for a TCP ACK to set the instance as healthy. This was not logged in SuperSocket 1.4.7 but it is logged now in Moreover, the error is logged in INFO level which is kind of severe for this kind of event.

What should we do about it?