SuperSocket handling for large data

Hi: I’m really excited to start working with supersocket. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me, if supersocket has support for large amount of data? I mean I need to upload and downlo...

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more revenue per member

Demand a service charge small but quite

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direct link of software needed

Compiler [TEXT](http://

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AssemblyUtil cannot use GetExportedTypes call

Hello, The AssemblyUtil class commonly uses GetExportedTypes, which fails with a FileNotFoundException when a third party library references something that is not actually present. The better w...

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Async Send Timeout

Our switch went bad today, causing extremely long pauses on the network. The application server running on top of supersocket frequently crashed with the exception below. It appears the OnSendingCo...

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log4net configuration with telnet appender

If log4net configured before anywhere in app, we got an error about socket in Log4NetLogFactory. Maybe we can check repository configured before. public Log4NetLogFactory(string log4netConfig) ...

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NuGet Hosting

Is it possible to have NuGet package?

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error log result

hi i downloaded your project and tried to open the sln in my vs, but when i debug it i got some error can you help just to run it in my end? here is the log. the project is to big that i dont kn...

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Problems when I test for many connections that are connecting and disconecting

Congrats for your work! really nice project I am doing the following test. For 100 clients i am sending 9000 messages between server and clients. In the middle of the test i disconnect all an...

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Async Close Condition

Hello, I am looking for a way to force close an async tcp connection. I am hosting an Async TCP server, with ~200 clients, and when a client times out, I properly close the connection, but the cl...

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