An exception could not load file

Hi i got a could not load file exception whrn i try to run supersocket on my system is the exception pasted below An exception of type 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' occurred in SuperSocket.So...

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SSLStream disposed but not collected

Hello, I was testing SuperSocket with a custom protocol that uses TerminatorReceiveFilterFactory and realize that using no security the process run smoothly, but using SSL the process memory (pri...

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Viewing the raw data, IP header

I need to view the SYN state has part of the ip header, is that option available? I am trying to interface with a device which has TCP flow control using the Window Size option so need to view wha...

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Sometimes I get a "NullReferenceException"

Hallo Kerryj, I use your very good supersocket code for a TCP / IP communication with 200 device. When the device begin to connect the server, sometimes I get a NullReferenceException in the fol...

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Secure Web Socket (wss) Connection

Hi All, I have my web pages hosted in the HTTPS environment. From there when I try to access "ws" I get an error saying can't initiate unsecure request from secure request. Hence I am trying to u...

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websocket can´t reach local network client service

Having some trouble with websocket-connection within the local network. Scenario: For my laptop (Win7) I've written a service which opens a websocket-server to port 2014. Because websockets are...

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questions about binary protocol handling

hi, We have currently udp based binary protocol for device communication. Protocol has startmark 0xF0BA but no endmark. Next byte tells packettype. There are several packettypes which have differ...

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I am getting fallowing error while running GpsServer socket example

Error 16 The type 'SuperSocket.SocketBase.Protocol.BinaryRequestInfo' cannot be used as type parameter 'TPackageInfo' in the generic type or method 'SuperSocket.ProtoBase.BeginEndMarkReceiveFilter<...

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Use TimeoutException instead of Exception

Currently the only way to detect a send Timeout is to check against the Exception message string thrown during send. In the AppSession.InternalSend Method you throw a simple System.Exception in c...

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SendingQueueItemEnumerable 构造函数参数赋值错误


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